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Computer change in the practice from Emis to SystmOne! Posted on 23 Sep 2019

We are going live on system one on the 11th of November, during the change over from ‘Emis’ to ‘SystmOne’ there will be some disruption to normal services. 

Why are we changing?

As part of working more collaboratively with our primary care network and other attachment bodies such as district nurses, health visitors, school nurses and the safeguarding teams. We feel it is better to be on a more shareable system. Our new data privacy agreements will be put on our website.

MAIN DISRUPTION WEEK (CUT OVER PERIOD) – 04.11.2019 – 12.11.2019

What are we going to do about it?

To reduce the amount of disruption from the 4th to the 12th of November County Surgery will be implementing the following:


  • Linda, our diabetes specialist nurse will be running a clinic on the 15th of November instead of the 6th of November.
  • We will not be running a COPD clinic on the 4th of November
  • All our nurses appointments will be bookable from 8.30am daily for on the day appointments only.
  • GP clinics will be bookable from 12pm each day (Tuesday to Thursday)
  • We will still have open surgery Monday to Friday but, throughout this time we will be seeing the most urgent cases only, if you feel you can wait we respectfully ask that you do.


  • No registrations handed in after the 28th of October will be processed until after the 12th of November. This includes name changes and change of address.

Online Services

  • Our online services will stop; anybody who already has an online service will need to be reactivated unless you use the NHS app as this has been configured to deal with the change. Post go live we will be offering an appointment based system with our admin team for the difficulties and queries only.

Repeat prescriptions

  • If you order your repeat prescriptions between the 7th of October and the 18th of October you will be issued 2 month’s worth as your script will be due during the cut over period. Your EPS system (prescriptions being sent electronically) will stop on the 1st of November at 6:30pm. All prescription requests during this period (2nd – 12th of November) will need to be collected from the surgery.


  • Don’t worry if you’ve had a blood test. We are still able to access your results.


  • Any routine referrals between the 2nd and the 12th of November will NOT be processed until post go live. However any urgent or two week wait referrals will be processed in the normal manor.

Hospital Mail

  • There may be a delay on any hospital mail received during this 1week period.

Access to records and insurance reports

  • We will be unable to process any insurance reports or access to records during this time.

Please note we are shut on the afternoon of the 6th of November for training as normal.

Post go live we will be having shorter clinics than normal to help clinicians and admin staff to get used to the new system.

Thank you for your patience during this period.

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